Eventually, there will be more resources for download, including a Maid quickstart guide, errata, play references and the like.

Character Sheet References

Book References

  • Five Additional Maid Scenarios: From the Yume Miru Maid supplement, five scenarios (complete with original art) that didn't make it into the core book, free to download.
  • Maid Errata 1.0: Rules errata for the earlier print version of Maid

Fan References
These are some excellent resources created by fans of the game, like you!

  • Maid Character Notes: Daniel Oakley has some excellent references for Maids, Masters, Butlers and GMs!
  • Maid Notes: Anthony Martins has put together some excellent notes for GMs and players, in an easy-to-print format..

PDF References
The Maid RPG PDF does not have front or back cover pics included (the idea was to keep the PDF as light as possible). However, we have posted the front and back covers here in PDF form, in case you wish to print them out for your reference.