Maid: The Role-Playing Game
Author: Ryo Kamiya
222 pages B&W, 8.5x11
Cover and interior illustrations by famed doujin artist IWAKO (and others)
Cover Price: $25.00 US
PDF Price: $6.00 US

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Maid : The Role-Playing Game is a comedic take on a uniquely Japanese cultural icon: The fetishized modern maid. Injecting the concept of Maid with 50ccs of anime and comedy, the players take on the roles of maids, serving the master (played by the GM). Sheets are left unfolded and mantelpieces undusted when giant robots crash through the mansion, ninjas attack and kidnap the young master, and a demonic pit to Hell opens up in the pantry... and all before teatime!

Play in the modern comedy setting, or mix it up with 9 additional settings including Victorian era, old Edo period, fantasy and post-apocalypse; and 6 genres including romance, horror, and action. Due to the rules system and random events that form the backbone of the Maid RPG, the game practically runs itself: Go from opening the book to playing a game with friends within just minutes!

Maid is rated OT: Older Teen (16+)

  • Three game styles in one: The traditional scenario-type; the random event-driven type; and the "favor race", a race to the master's heart!
  • Make characters and start playing the game within minutes of opening the book. Everything about the game gears it for Fast Play, Now.
  • Optional character types including player-character masters and butlers, and optional rules for seduction and romantic tragedy.
  • 11 complete adventure scenarios.
  • complete "replays", actual play scenarios in screenplay format. Great for learning the feel of the game.
  • The first ever Japanese tabletop role-playing game to be released in English! ...which, when you think about it, totally makes sense in a weird sort of way.
  • Hundreds of optional items, costumes, genre and setting events, all presented in a way to easily bring them into the game!
  • Combines the original Japanese core book and two supplements into one huge, complete edition of the game in English. A $75 value!