November 2014: Ewen has released two new games based on the rules of Maid RPG. In Retail Magic you play employees at a magic item shop, and in Schoolgirl RPG you play, well, Japanese schoolgirls.

January 2014: With Andy K moving to Japan, Ewen will be taking over the publishing of Maid in English through Star Line Publishing, in addition to Golden Sky Stories, a newer game by Maid designer Ryo Kamiya. Visit the SLP site for the latest on Maid RPG!

May 2010: Our fifth (?) printing is on its way. We are now selling directly through the website here, as well as through Indie Press Revolution. We are also partnering with CelStyle, a collection of several small-press anime-themed tabletop RPGs.

February 2009: After being out of print for a few months, the print version of Maid: The Roleplaying Game will be again offered at Indie Press Revolution in a few weeks.
Also: The Maid RPG Errata has been added to the Resources page.
Finally: The PDF of Maid: The Roleplaying Game has been revised! If you purchased the PDF directly from this site, you have been emailed download instructions. If you purchased through IPR, you can download it again from your IPR account. The new PDF simply folds the errata into the file, fixes a lot of grammatical errors, and adds bookmarks and covers to the file.

September 2008: The new site is live! More uploads and content coming very soon! Check the Maid community for the latest on when the next printing of books will be available (we sold out at GenCon!).

Stay tuned for more information every few months!