Currently, the Maid RPG community is a structured Google Group/Mailing List. You can join (even anonymously) at the link below. Within seconds of starting the group we've already had spammers, so to join you have to say something, anything, letting us know you're there to get Maid RPG info and not to send us all weird sales spam and porn:

Depending on how the mailing list goes, we may later establish some forums. But for now, this mailing list will be the source for:

  • The latest Maid RPG info, including messages when new print releases, downloads, content, fan modules and the like are available.
  • A place to post or talk about fan content.
  • Rules clarifications, questions and information.
  • Social Maid-RPG themed chat.

It's a low-traffic spam-free mailing list. Take a peek, join if you like what you see.